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What is an Address Update service? (Also known as Data / Address append)

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February 09, 2013
Posted by: Address Logics

What is an Address Updating (also known as Data or Address Append) service? Address Updating involves a very different process than the previous two services, Address Correction or Address Standardization. Businesses that provide Address Updating services maintain extremely expensive and proprietary databases with information they have gathered from a wide variety of public and private venues such as credit card applications, cellular contracts, mortgage documentation, magazine subscriptions and even surveys you may have filled out at your local grocery store. This data is pooled and sold to other businesses that are seeking additional or potentially updated information available on their client records.

Address Updating services (such as skip trace or NCOA) are best presented in the last phase of Address Hygiene to ensure the greatest potential for data matching and return on investment. Furthermore, a little fact not always understood in the industry, is that USPS NCOA will never return a match if you do not submit a CASS certified address to begin with. So those receiving NCOA processing on a "per record" billing cycle are very likely to be paying for services they cannot receive on any records non-standardized.

Updating services such as these work by taking a submitted record, matching it against their Address Update database and then returning any new address data they have. These returned results can range in anything from a street directional or more often a change in the original record to a completely new and different address location.

Using an Address Updating service to correct or standardize address data is strongly advised against. In Figure 3, example 3, neither the original record, nor the updated matching record may necessarily be USPS standardized or even correct to begin with. In Address Updating, a record can easily return a match against an identically flawed or separately incorrect address. Because of this, the importance of combining Address Standardization with a robust USPS Address Correction service prior to using an Address Updating service is vastly beneficial to the end result. More often than not, businesses that offer Address Updating services do not provide you with a CASS certified address record. Running an Address Standardization program against their proprietary database would destroy the data integrity of the original data.

However, to receive the best results from an Address Updating service you will still find it vastly beneficial to submit the greatest number of already USPS Corrected and Standardized records. In our experience, matching USPS Corrected and Standardized records against an Updating service results in a 14% greater match rate on average compared to raw data..

See Figure 3 for examples of Address Update / Append

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