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New Mailing Address Correction and Validation Web Service Bucks Industry Pricing Model - Mail-dependent Organizations to Benefit.

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October 13, 2010
Posted by: Address Logics

The new address correction and validation web service provided by Address Logics breaks the industry standard pricing model by only charging for the addresses that fail USPS CASS / DPV certification. The revolutionary new pricing model has resulted in its clients saving an average of 68% compared to their current vendors.

Troy, MI - Address Logics, a leading force in the mailing address correction market, has announced the launch of its new easy to use website and pricing model that bucks industry standards and offers USPS Move Update compliance free for all paid submissions.

While competitors charge per record for every address submitted, Address Logics only charges for addresses that fail an initial USPS CASS / DPV validation it performs free of charge, resulting in an average customer savings of 68%.

The company has served as the primary provider of licensed technology to major companies in the business mailing supply chain, principally in the debt collection and medical industry. With its new public website, Address Logics now offers its high-tech, yet affordable address validation services to all businesses through its secure, online file-exchange without the need for monthly or yearly contracts.

"Over 9 billion pieces were undeliverable last year, costing Originators $4 billion to $7 billion in material and postage - and that doesn't count the cost to the Originators of failing to communicate with their addressees. Attacking the problem of undelivered mail, our System is a fast and inexpensive way to dramatically reduce costs and improve revenues," said Jon Liebertz of Address Logics.com (http://www.addresslogics.com).

Address Logics offers a complete address correction and validation web service designed to reduce wasteful spending by companies that rely on mail correspondence. In addition to identifying and correcting addresses that fail CASS / DPV, Address Logics provides additional value-added services including:

    * Correcting addresses to USPS standards improving Phone Append rates significantly.
    * Identifying addressees which have moved and offering the new changed address free of charge.
    * Easily indentifying addresses that have little / no chance of being delivered so they can be removed from mailings.

In the past, such robust mailing address cleansing service required complex, custom systems integration. However, with Address Logics's new address correction web service, companies can gain access to industry leading technology without the cost or hassle of integrating complicated software.

"By offering the Address Logics solution as a service, we have removed the barrier of customer system integration, allowing us to fine-tune the logic processes without facing the complexities of software upgrade distribution and installation," said Robert Liebertz, CEO.

About Address Logics: Address Logics (http://www.addresslogics.com), is a leading provider of robust CASS certified address validation technology for companies in the direct mailing and debt collection industry. The company's web-based address hygiene web service allows businesses of all sizes to leverage comprehensive mailing address cleansing technology at an average of 68% less than its closest competitors.

Address Logics, LLC.
ph. (888) 597-8885 | eMail. info@addresslogics.com

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