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Enter U.S. Address >> Address Validation Map It Map it! (updated July 2012)
Example: looking for . . .
1601 NW THURMAN ST, PORTLAND, OR 97209-2519 ?

Type > > 1601 thur
Do NOT type prefix, suffix, or directionals.
Do NOT Cut and Paste. Cut and Paste is disabled.

This tool is for address validation ONLY and does not perform address correction services.

Advanced Search > > 1600 thur/port
Type a / after the address to filter by partial zip or city name

Welcome to Address Logics free
Online Postal Address Validation Tool.

With this tool, you can lookup and verify any US address. If your search returns no results, there is most likely an issue with the address.

Just type the address number and part of the name of the street you are looking for in the box above.

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