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NCOA Advantage: Advanced USPS NCOA Service

{ Proven highest NCOA matching rates currently available in the industry. }

Our NCOA Advantage:   USPS National Change of Address (NCOA) is probably the industry's most well known and effective address update service available. Every year over 40 million Americans change mailing addresses, most of whom notify the local Post Office by filling out a yellow change-of-address card with their new mailing address indicating either an individual, family, or business move.

USPS NCOA works by matching both an exact first-name followed by last-name order and a USPS CASS™ certified address against the customer's "Change of Address Card" information indicated above which is stored in a proprietary and encrypted database maintained by the Post Office. If a match is made, the NCOA service returns the newer information indicating that the address record is outdated and should be updated prior to mailing to that person or business.

With our tools and experience in genetic programming, Address Logics has developed a revolutionary method for NCOA matching that currently exceeds the highest industry match rates by 16%.

How?   As mentioned, to limit potential abuse of this system, a requester must know both the name and the exact CASS certified address to find a match update. Not only does Address Logics provide the highest USPS CASS™ standardization rate in the industry with our advanced address correction system, but we also have the industry's most advanced method of name matching ensuring that your data will always have the greatest chance of locating updated information.

This combination allows us to exceed current industry NCOA vendor match rates by a significant margin, saving our clients postage, material, and time on incorrectly addressed records.