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Address Logics changes Address Data Format to Tab seperated.

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December 09, 2012
Posted by: Address Logics

Over the weekend, Address Logics changed its official Address Data format to Tab separated (.TXT) format. Clients that wish to continue uploading data via .CSV (Comma Separated) are more than welcome to continue, however return data will be Tab separated.

So why the change to Tab separated values?

There are a couple reasons for this change. First and foremost is helping our clients to better manage their data integrity. Most people use or have commas somewhere in their address data fields. Sometimes this is on purpose. More often than not, especially in address data, it is an unwelcome special character that our clients are seeking our help in removing during address standardization processes. This especially plays a role for those managing importing and exporting of data via a spreadsheet application.

Second, Tab separated is the default data format for Excel users. Be it opening or copy / past into a TXT file, Tab separated is the primary format. Here at Address Logics we have a strong belief that data hygiene should not be restricted to large businesses or those with a computer science degree. Anything we can do to help our clients will always take priority in our system design updates.

Last is a general macro-level data architecture rule when dealing with large data sets. Always avoid potential points of data integrity failure if possible. Delimiting characters that may be contained within your data set at 1am is almost always going to lead to results you will not be happy with in the morning.

We look forward to providing a progressive solution to both our current and future clients. Thank you again for choosing Address Logics as your premium Address Correction, Cleansing, and USPS Data Standardization provider!

The Address Logics Support Team.

Address Logics, LLC.
ph. (888) 597-8885 | eMail. info@addresslogics.com

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