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Address Logics says effective address hygiene for the small to medium size business is being overlooked.

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September 20, 2010
Posted by: Address Logics

Gone are the days of spreadsheets with thousands of addresses and a primitive mail merge system for printed labels or envelopes. Today small and medium sized businesses with lists of thousands or even millions of subscribers are looking for ways to standardize and update their mailing lists through address cleansing. One web-based company is making that happen.

AddressLogics.com, a company which specializes in address hygiene, says that address cleansing and validation is a great tool for businesses of all shapes and sizes who utilize direct mailing solutions as part of their standard operations. "Addresses can be uploaded in a simple Excel format and invalid addresses are corrected in minutes along with a detailed report of their files contents prior to purchasing. Businesses using Address Logics are never charged for addresses that are valid.," stated Robert Liebertz, CEO.

Direct mailing solutions for smaller businesses, such as direct marketers who frequently use postcards to reach their customers and clients, aren't readily available which is why Address Logics offers their services to clients with lists of all sizes. Jon Liebertz continued on to say. "It doesn't matter if a business has a list with 10 addresses or a list with 100,000 addresses. Larger lists receive a price break on their address cleansing, but our system is designed to handle all clients with top notch service equally. We understand the importance of reducing returned mail and we hope that our address cleansing and direct mailing solutions offer an alternative to spending hours researching or chancing expensive mailings to addresses that have been changed or are no longer valid."

In speaking with the team behind Address Logics clients, you quickly find they are highly personable and pride themselves as analytical data geeks with algorithms and address data on the mind. Their unique and highly advanced address hygiene system is quickly taking the business mailing world by surprise just as direct mail makes a comeback for personal communication.

For more information on Address Logics, please contact Jon Liebertz at info@addresslogics.com or visit their website at www.AddressLogics.com

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