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Address Logics provides a significant boost to phone append services.

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March 18, 2010
Posted by: Address Logics

Address Logics was invited to partake in a phone append test with a variety of vendors today. You may be asking why an address correction only service, such as ourselves, would be participating in services it doesn't offer? The answer lies in the front line war of data matching, also known as "Garbage in. Garbage out."

This is where our specialty shines.

The control group consisted of 15,000 records that clients had determined were dead records. These records were run through the gamut of phone append and tracing services from three large industry leaders. The results ranged from 7% to 13% match rate across the group. We then ran the list through our own service which corrected 10,212 (68.1%) of these records, of which 4,144 (27.6%) went on to be CASS certified. Those lists were then rerun with the updated information.

To our own surprise, the service provider that returned the lowest hit rate of 7% found the largest boost to their results, increasing 35% to 6,285 hits, or 41.8%. The other two service providers increased their results by 26% and 14% respectively. The issue of match rate vs. database size is something we stress to our clients when determining which data vendor will be of greatest use to their business.

The greatest challenge to the list industry in the upcoming years will not be a lack of data, but the ability to rapidly sift through terabytes of available customer information and locate the information you need most. As the leader in the address correction industry, Address Logics continues to look towards innovative methodologies to address new challenges.

Address Logics is looking forward to working with nVIDIA over the next couple of months on our forthcoming GPU cloud processing system.

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