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Address Hygiene solutions from the industry leader in USPS Address Correction

{ Advanced "genetic programming" in Address Data Cleansing. }

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We can help.   Address Logics is an industry first, and only, provider of "genetic-programming" based USPS address validation, correction, and postal data standardization. Developed in 2007 as an R&D project to improve upon the current USPS AEC (Address Element Correction) program, Address Logics genetic intelligent core resulted in 8x more corrections in head to head testing and standardizes to exact postal standards on average 72% of all addresses currently left invalid with industry leading software.

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The Address Hygiene and Correction Intelligence core is explicitly and uniquely designed to correct postal addresses to USPS standards, eliminate return mail, and significantly increase the comprehensive accuracy of postal address data.

Address Logics standardizes 96% of records submitted — the highest in the industry.
In 2012, ALS averaged 16% greater de-duping accuracy than the leading large shop vendor in head to head testing of over 1.2 million records.

How?  Simple; genetic programming principles. The current Address Hygiene industry uses element dictionaries and pattern based matching systems to fix non-standardized addresses. These systems have inherent flaws in their capabilities, namely, they can only correct what they know of. Address Logics' advanced logic core is able to manage these commonly found issues with address data to a degree unmatched by any other current service. Errors such as phonetic spellings, special character inserts, multipart keystroke errors, combined city-state or zip code errors, and missing or sometimes misleading information are rarely an issue.

Test Us.   Address Logics believes strongly in transparency. Send us a sample file and let us provide you with a detailed breakdown BEFORE you make a decision. With Address Logics there are no upfront contracts, file minimums, daily limits, or software to install. Call us and let us put together a comprehensive data package that fits not only your requirements, but your budget as well.

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