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Tier 3: Comprehensive Hands-On Address Hygiene Service.

{ The only expert driven Address Correction and Data Hygiene service available. }

Tier 3 is a unique, Address Logics' only service, that blends our advanced Address Hygiene services along with our hands-on data expertise and internal data tools by individually investigating and correcting any records marked by our system in the final stage as Invalid or Undeliverable.

Time is a valuable commodity to all our clients. As part of our core business Address Logics has custom in-house developer tools designed to efficiently assist our clients in researching address data quickly. These tools first allow us to find USPS standardized data within seconds and then incorporate it back into your final return data stream, ready to go.

Our team also realizes that most businesses in the current economy are already functioning on reduced resources and increased deadlines, both of which are normally tied to projects other than address hygiene. Allocating spare time for information data quality with senior programming or technical staff can be difficult and expensive. Our address data experts are available 24 x 7 and have extensive dedicated training in advanced USPS data hygiene and standardization.

Sounds expensive? Not with the correct infrastructure in place.

Tier 3's function of reaching 100% Address Data Hygiene and Standardization is a niche service in which we suggest there should be a investment value directly associated with each record. This is coupled with our goal to provide the most cost-effective solutions to our valued clientele.

Address Logics has always been involved with local academics focused on Informational Technology to help provide real world education in our industry of Information Data Development, Architecture, and Standardization. At the beginning of this year we formed a partnership to develop a mutually cost effective service that allows us to provide expert, hands-on professional services to our clients at a cost of just pennies more than our current services.

The suite of tools our team uses are custom built to provide ONLY certfied USPS valid addresses as well as definitively mark addresses that are simply incorrect no matter how much correction is applied. One such unique feature is our ability to reach into our "genetic" core to see the list of every USPS certified option that would be reasonable for a record within seconds. While many people and businesses use slower online mapping and address tools such as Google, Bing, MapQuest, and other sources to ensure street names, prefixes, directionals, zip-codes and states seem correct, these services do not actually verify or validate addresses in any way. A dot on a map is little more than a geographical guess based on the data you provided whether it is correct or otherwise!

As with all our services, Address Logics is proudly dedicated to providing you with only the most accurate results for all aspects of your address correction needs.

Would I be a good candidate for this service?
Clients that most benefit from this service tend to fall into two categories:

  • Existing resources (such as a team or person) tasked with investigating records have been unable to meet final address standardization requirements.
  • Your business is looking to allocate internal resources or contract external assistance in address data quality and standardization.

For more information on Tier 3 or to talk with one of our Address Hygiene Team members on how we can help you with your data standardization project, call us directly @ (888) 597-8885!