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Address Correction Service Offers Home and Small Businesses Ability to Reduce Holiday Postage Expenses

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November 16, 2010
Posted by: Address Logics

With the holidays closing in, home and small business owners are beginning to prepare their catalogs, special offers and holiday cards for their annual holiday mailing. Holiday promotions, special offers, greeting cards and gifts have historically been one of the largest small business budget line items during the holiday season. Address Logics, a company that corrects mailing addresses, says that small businesses can reduce postage expenses by decreasing the amount of undeliverable mail before they spend their postage budget.

"Small business and at home business owners with mailing lists of a couple hundred or even a couple thousand addresses on their mailing list can expect to pay a large amount of money in postage over the holiday season. Our business is to help those companies detect potential issues with addresses they have on file, offer move information if available, and ultimately reduce the amount of postage, time and material wasted on incorrect addresses." stated Jon Liebertz of Address Logics.

Address Logics allows customers to upload their address files in an easy to use Excel format on their website. The system then reviews all of the addresses in the file and prepares a report which outlines the number of addresses that are not USPS standardized and should be corrected. Once a customer views the free address correction report prepared by Address Logics, they may purchase the corrected list along with any address move information from NCOA. "Clients upload a file of addresses, we cleanse and correct them and offer a download of the exact same file, but with addresses that won't result in return mail," continued Jon Liebertz.

With a minimum correction fee of only $5 through January 1st, Address Logics founder Jon Liebertz says that small businesses simply cannot afford to send out mail without checking their mailing list first. He stated, "Small businesses with lists of hundreds or thousands of clients benefit greatly from checking their mailing list."

Address Logics first runs your list through USPS CASS to separate good addresses from invalid records. Clients are only charged for addresses that need USPS standardization or correction. The file returned by Address Logics provides corrected addresses that can be reinserted back into their mailing lists to be used in future mailings to their customers and clients.

For more information on Address Logics, please contact Jon Liebertz at 888-597-8885 or visit their website at www.AddressLogics.com

Address Logics, LLC.
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