Address Correction + Standardization in Mailing

  • On average, 7.6% of a mailing is returned as undeliverable.
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  • Each piece of return mail costs the sender an estimated $1.75 to handle, update and reprocess.
  • Return mail accounts for 27% of the original total mailing cost.
  • The average value of a mailed opportunity is $60 for mail order and $35 for Non-Profit.
  • Lost revenue due to inaccurate addressing accounts for 48% of the total cost of the mailing.
  • Average return on investment with Address Logics before a mailing is 2,500%.

Address Correction + Standardization in Data

  • CASS only standardization misses 14% of potential phone or other data append leads.
address correction calculator
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  • Having inaccurate addresses in business is estimated to cost thousands of dollars across most industries in lost revenue, client satisfaction, and errors in client data mining.
  • In the automotive industry, business databases on average contain 3% duplicate records due to insufficient address standardization.
  • Mailing list vendors that have used Address Logics boosted the value of their mailing list by 25%.
  • Address Logics reduced our clients' geo-location mapping errors by 92%.
  • The industry average value for an accurate phone lead is $38.