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Address Logics: Live Examples of Address Correction

{ Real examples from our Address Correction and Hygiene Intelligence core. }

As our system is using true algorithms, explaining HOW our system works is often best demonstrated via real examples taken from our system. Our system provides a full zip + 4 certified USPS address that can always be verified via USPS.com.

Example 1: This example demonstrates our systems' unique ability to correct extreme multiple issues in an address while still reaching our mandatory 96% confidence rating. Most likely, someone was quickly writing down an address or filling out a survey where address elements are out of order starting with just the apartment number, followed by a string of common errors including the zip code which adds further complexity.

Input: 123 X west Julia martin dr, bozeman, mt 59717
Corrected: 123 Julia Martin Dr Apt X, Bozeman, MT 59715-4960

Example 2: This live example demonstrates a classic ability many of our clients require that take in data over the phone. An agent misheard Overing as Over"y" on input. In this particular client, we only receive address data that is unable to be cleansed by their current internal large vendor solution, which helps us gauge future development needs that only a unique system such as ours would be capable of.

Input: 1234 Overy Street , Bronx, NY 10461
Corrected: 1234 Overing St, Bronx, NY 10461-3106

Example 3: This example spotlights again our Address Intelligence core when processing gross errors in data. It is not unheard of for people to purposely provide erroneous address information, especially if they're not interested in future marketing attempts, which can cause errors such as the one demonstrated below.

Input: 1234 Herman Brown St , Bayou Goula, LA 70716
Corrected: 1234 Cpl Herman Brown Jr St , White Castle, LA 70788-3121

Example 4: --Note-- This example deals with a fictitious delivery number 12345. One of our most frequent questions is what happens when an address DOES NOT exist? For example, in Google Maps there exists a limited address standardization capability similar to many programs out there. What is lesser known, also like most programs, is that you can input ANY address number and it returns a "standardized" result.

In the example below, we'll use our own business address (900 Wilshire Dr) to demonstrate one of the most commonly mishandled address data issues in the industry. Even if our system corrects the rest of the address such as street, city, state, etc., Address Logics will still, and should, return this record as non-standardized which is a CRITICAL feature to any Address Validation and Standardization service. 2000 is simply an invalid USPS address number on Wilshire Dr regardless of the rest of the data and should be flagged appropriately for manual review. Fixing an address, and standardizing an address, should not be considered interchangeable events.

Input: 2000 Wilshire Dr , Troy , MI , 48084

We are continually improving our system capabilities to handle what really amounts to the 13% difference between our system and the best system vendor competitor. For many clients, we realize that 80%+ Validation and Standardization rates are adequate for their particular use. For most of our clients, near 100% USPS data standardization is critical to the overall data function of services such as:

  • GIS (GeoMapping Data Standardization)
  • State, County, and Treasury Data
  • Address Data Mining
  • Medical and Patient Records
  • Banking and Financial Data
  • School District Records