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Address Correction and Industry Terminology - Part 2

{ Address Correction, Data Standardization, and other Postal News in the media. }

December 09, 2012
Posted by: Address Logics

Address Correction relates to services that specifically fix or correct an address to be closer to postal address data standards. Different than an Address Updating service such as NCOA or skip tracing, Address Correction should never change the address number from the one originally provided. USPS CASS offers a minor form of Address Correction in fixing issues with address prefixes, suffixes, or minor changes in city or state. With Address Logics introduction of "genetic programming" methodology, significant advancement towards error detection and correction such as phonetic spellings and complex multiple input errors are now available. GP (genetic programming) offers a couple of very unique advantages over the current forms of address correction technology based on pattern matching and element dictionaries. One of its greatest advantages is an ability correct address errors it has never encountered before, nor does it require to have been programmed to handle.

In tiered service structures, Address Correction normally occurs in the initial phase of Address Hygiene, followed by USPS Address Standardization, then Update / Append services.

It is fairly common with some of the more expensive Address Hygiene vendors to use Address Updating services to simulate the Address Correction processes. There are numerous reasons this strategy is not suggested for address correction, cost and accuracy being two of them. Although Address Logics does not charge clients for submitted addresses in a list that may already be standardized, clients choosing Address Correction based on data updating are commonly billed for every record submitted as each record is matched against a potential change. Second, if a change is made, it is still not guaranteed to be USPS CASS certified or even valid until having been processed through USPS Certified standardization software. There is also the potential with data updating services of correcting an address which ends up sending a letter to a neighboring address. In a financial or medical environment this would be viewed with zero tolerance. Again, Address Correction should never alter the primary number of an address during correction.

We will be covering more about Address Updating services in Part 4 of this Address Hygiene series.

Address Correction services such as Address Logics which integrate Address Standardization into its processes will often reach 96% accuracy of a given data set with the help of our advanced algorithms. With proper correction, a boost of even 10% in address data accuracy will significantly assist in meeting optimal mailing postal standards, lower physical return mail by a third and increase de-duping and other address dependent service matches such as phone append or skip tracing.

See Figure 1 for examples of Address Correction.

address correction examples

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