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Address Correction, Validation, and Standardization to exact USPS Standards.

USPS Address Data Correction

Address Logics is the industry leader in advanced USPS Address Correction, Validation, and Data Standardization to exact postal standards using custom "genetic programming" principles.

What does that mean? It means our Address Hygiene and Cleansing Intelligence system treats each and every address record as a valuable tool to your business. Ranked #1 in blind vendor head to head accuracy testing, our pre-processing system is explicitly designed to detect and correct invalid or flawed address records as well as those that fail your current Address Data Validation and Standardization software.

CASS™ Validation / Standardization

The importance of business Address Validation and Data Standardization is never overstated. In combination with our leading Address Correction algorithms, Address Logics "genetic" intelligent core maintains the highest USPS Address Standardization and Validation rate in blind testing time after time.

This allows us to have a significant impact on our clients in everything from a 32% reduction in return mail, 16% increase in address duplication detection, to an average boost of 14% on your current address dependent services such as Geo-location mapping (GIS), Data append, Bankruptcy verification, and data mining ROI.

Our NCOA Advantage

"No address left behind", is a motto we follow very closely. Although Address Hygiene is our primary focus, we felt we could use similar genetic principles to significantly boost the industry's second largest Address Cleansing product, USPS NCOA.

Address Logics' NCOA Advantage product ensures resident and company name information (required for Move Update matching) is submitted in the exact matching order 99.9% of the time, another industry first.

In 2012, Address Logics consistently increased NCOA match rates by 14% or more.

Specialists in Postal Address Data

Let our team of USPS Address Correction and Data Standardization experts earn your business. Send us a sample file or just the records you're having issues with and let us provide you with a custom solution BEFORE you make a software or service decision. Address Logics believes strongly in transparency and ease of use whether you have 100 records or 100,000.

New to Address Correction and Data Hygiene?

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