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Address Logics Return Data & Optional Data / Support

{ Return data examples and Production support assistance 24 x 7. }

Return Data Examples and Optional Data Sets

Address Logics offers a wide range of data directly related to Address Correction, Validation, and Standardization. We have purposely chosen to focus on our core services and not expand into a more "Jack-of-All trades" vendor as we feel it would diminish our industry-leading focus on the hygiene of address data itself.

A full set of featured data in addition to what is listed above can be found here: Address Upload - Return Data Examples
Address Logics Upload and Return Data Examples

Due to the close business relationship we tend to have with our clients, it is not uncommon to receive requests for specific data append services that may extend beyond our own in-house offerings. We pride ourselves in being able to work with external vendors to provide a unified solution to our clients in which we parse, submit, and retrieve data on behalf of our clients and merge the required data into a single return file ready for retrieval. We recognize that it is often more advantageous, both cost and efficiency-wise, for our team of developers to manage the sometimes complex tiered solutions required to reach a premium level of client specific Address Hygiene.

24 x 7 Production Support and Assistance

Although Address Logics provides a premium Address Hygiene service to those requiring more than the desktop or cloud standard, no business without an equal level of available, knowledgeable support will last in any industry.

Unique to the industry, we are one of the few companies that offer 24 x 7 human backed support to all of our contract clients, and often to many others in need of an industry specific data guru outside of normal business hours. Our online chat and corporate support number is manned at all times, 365 days a year. We are able to offer this unique feature to our clients because of our specific focus in Address Standardization and ONLY address data services. Ensuring a close partnership with our clients creates an opportunity to pro-actively manage potential concerns and/or issues prior to many possible negative business impacts.

Address Logics works hard to match our system's 99.9% uptime with an equal level of human availability regardless of the level of client partnership or longevity.