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Address Hygiene and Industry Terminology - Part 1

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December 09, 2012
Posted by: Address Logics

As any industry evolves, sales and marketing groups look for new ways to label maturing products. This concept is the reason why cell phones are now called "mobile devices" and various laptops have begun a new life as "netbooks". Unfortunately, many of these changes in terminology are also the leading cause of market segment blur. Over the years, this confusion has become increasing prevalent in the data industry, and more specifically for this paper, the Address Hygiene industry.

With so many years of poorly interchanged terminology in the market, numerous clients either find themselves spending time inquiring about services they are not interested in or unknowingly signing up for services that are unlikely to fulfill expectations.

Address Logics has decided to release a four part set detailing each of the Address Hygiene industry terms for Standardization, Correction, and Update / Append.

Address Hygiene is the general term used by the industry to describe the value of preserving and promoting correct and valid addresses. There are a number of ways to maintain the value of address data, some of which may result in an entirely different address as the final solution. For instance, the debt collection industry places a premium on the most current address available via Address Updating whereas the same process could be illegal in certain sectors, such as the medical industry, which prefers the highest Address Standardization accuracy possible. Most businesses looking for Address Hygiene are interested in a tiered data service option between all three (Correction, Standardization, and Updating), allowing for an optimal solution providing the greatest value for their address data.

Part 2 - Address Correction, is our next segment and will be posted later this week along with examples.

For more information regarding Address Logics and our unique Genetic Coding based address hygiene solutions, visit Address Correction Solutions or let us know how we can help your business via our Contact Us..

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